Rachelle Deutsch loves being on tall ships and studying languages. She started sailing in 2013 with SALTS, and did a total of 3 trips with them while still in high school. However, since her first trip with SALTS she always wondered why some language use was different on board then it was on shore. So after finishing high school, she went on to study Linguistics at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC hoping to study something she loved and in hopes of an answer to her question. Unfortunately she was unable to find an answer while in school and thought some practical experience would help. After finishing her degree in December 2019, she was going to sail from Cape Town, South Africa to Horta, Azores with Tecla. Unfortunately due to covid, she was unable to board the ship, so she travelled back home where she joined the National Skipper’s Council and started her own business, Port of Conversation, to help English learners in Canada improve their communication skills. This summer she is hoping to join Tecla, sailing part of the Northwest Passage.

Bridget is a 13 year-old air cadet and violinist, who enjoys writing short stories. Her most memorable trip was a Trans-Canadian voyage via RV to the west coast, where she witnessed beautiful landmarks. She is looking forward to embarking on her first sailing journey in the near future.

Violet is interested in applied mycology (growing delicious mushrooms!), kombucha-making, pickling, fermenting, and many other kitchen sorceries. She enjoys collecting and propagating houseplants which scatter her home. In 2019, Violet was chosen by the James Myatt sail exchange between Canada and the UK, where she had the privilege to sail the cruise-in-company portion of the Tall Ships Races in the North Sea aboard a bm ketch.

Nick Tabone is a writer, a sailor, a runner, and a skateboarder.
When ashore he divides his time between Europe and Canada.
More of his writing is available on nicktabone.com

Joel is 17 and lives in Brantford, Ontario. He has an undeniable passion for the marine species that live in our oceans.

Andréanne is a student who has not yet had the chance to go onboard tall ships, but for whom the world of sailing is as attractive as it is mysterious. In her spare time, she enjoys reading about women's rights, the LGBTQA + community and environmental issues. She spends a lot of time outdoors and loves learning from the extraordinary encounters she makes through her projects and activities.

Islay Pyron Williams is a young person who lives in Waterloo, Ontario.
Islay really cares about the environment, her family and friends and her dog, Tasha.
She wishes everyone a safe winter and looks forward to summer 2012.