Early West Coast Exploration: Captain Cook & Vancouver


Monday, February 8th


Virtual Event


Monday, February 8th


12:15 pm

Presented as an explorer in the age of discovery, students will explore these questions with the help of the Maritime Museum of BC: What was the motivation for exploration and discovery of the Northwest Coast? How did interactions between First Nations and the explorers impact and shape the development and history of BC and Canada? What were key innovations in navigation, technology and seafaring? Students will interact with knot tying and artifact exploration activities. Remember to have some rope on hand for this one!

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  • Anya Baker
    Anya Baker
    Public Engagement Intern, Maritime Museum of BC

    Anya is from Ridgeway, Ontario–the site of the 1866 Battle of Ridgeway!

    She received a B.A. in English Literature and History from McGill University and a Master’s of Museum Studies from the University of Toronto. After working for a few years in Toronto in professional development and conference management, she moved to Victoria in 2020.

    Previously, she worked in community museums and with genealogy groups, focusing on database and archival management.

    As the Public Engagement Intern, Anya assists with digital media, events and programming, and helps manage the museum’s social media.​

  • Laura Robin
    Laura Robin
    School and Public Programs Manager, Maritime Museum of British Columbia

    Laura is originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where she received her B.A. in History and B.Ed. from the University of Saskatchewan. A teacher by training, Laura worked in elementary school classrooms for 5 years before moving closer to the ocean and coast she now teaches about at the Maritime Museum. A great love of museums and informal education environments led Laura to complete her Master’s of Museum Education from the University of British Columbia in 2019. At the Maritime Museum, Laura creates and leads curriculum-based school programming, public programs for toddlers, adults, and seniors, and manages the delivery of outreach and onsite programming to members of all of Victoria’s diverse communities.

Early West Coast Exploration: Captain Cook & Vancouver


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