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A youth-led discovery of Canadian waters and the ships that sail them



Embarking on Advendure

A youth-led discovery of Canadian waters and the ships that sail them

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Starting Fall of 2020, Ships2Shores is inviting young people to learn about and explore coastlines and waterways across Canada. Ships2Shores is a youth-led initiative providing opportunities for young people both on ships in summer 2021, on shores and online to share knowledge and experiences of sailing, coastal communities and their people, and environmentally significant areas, marine economy, history and heritage and civic engagement and youth service.

Share your views and experiences with thousands of youth across the country and act on our collective responsibility to our oceans, lakes and rivers. Participate in arts projects, social media challenges and online events, and keep an eye on and social media for unique online activities and educational engagement to come!

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About the Crew

Coming from all across Canada, our young crew aged 16 to 29 can be just about anyone and everyone. With a focus on Canada’s oceans, lakes and rivers, we are gathering together a group of tall ship sailors, professional mariners, artists, scientists, students, and community leaders to educate, entertain, challenge, and have fun!

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Bursary - Come Sail with us!

S2S Scholarships are designed to enable youth to participate in once-in-a-life-time adventure sailing aboard tall ships. The scholarships aims to provide sail training to those who would otherwise not be able to participate. Scholarships valued $300 – $2,000 will be awarded to deserving youth who have actively participated in Ships2Shores to develop positive outcomes for youth and communities.

Scholarships will cover part, or all, of the travel and program costs for the successful applicants.

Contact us if you would like to support the Ships2Shores Scholarships to give more Canadian youth the opportunity of a lifetime!

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Coastal Challenge

Beginning in Fall 2020, join the challenge to explore and protect your local coastlines! Earn points by documenting environmental and historic landmarks in our Coastal Scavenger Hunt. Earn extra points by posting Coastal Alerts documenting environmental hazards or issues you see along the way. Share photos of your Scavenger Hunt finds and Coastal Alerts on social media and post them to the Ships2Shores Chart Table. Keep track of your progress and see what other people are finding across the country. New Scavenger Hunt lists and challenges will be released seasonally, so there will always be something new to discover!

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